Oriental Hype

Oriental Hype is a dance group of six girls bursting with refreshing energy and love for oriental dance. The group performs and competes internationally having gained success both in their native Finland and abroad. We are also available for private gigs. Whether a wedding, a birthday party or other special occasion, you can count on Oriental Hype to bring that unique flavour to your event.

About Us

Oriental Hype is a Finnish oriental dance group founded by Suvi Tuominen in Spring 2012 and registered as a cultural events producing organization since Spring 2014. The development of Oriental Hype as a group has been reflected in its composition over the years. Currently, the group consists of six dancers based in the Helsinki area. While the Hype girls have different kinds of personalities and come from various backgrounds, they all share a passion towards oriental dance and a drive to both cherish the traditions of this ancient art form as well as experiment with the endless possibilities that this soft and sensual dance style has to offer.

Oriental Hype aims to make oriental dance better known as an art form in addition to acknowledging its entertainment value. Oriental Hype is active in oriental dance scene through performing and competing successfully both in Finland and abroad.

The group is also the organizer of a new oriental dance festival in Finland. Oriental Hype Festival will take place in Helsinki in June 2015.

Oriental Hype is renowned as a hardworking and inspiring dance company. One of the secrets to Oriental Hype's success are the group's individually strong dancers. On top of the rigorous group training, every single Hype girl works to develop their soloist skills. Fresh energy, endless creativity and burning passion surely make this group one to watch.

Contact via email: info@orientalhype.com


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Oriental Hype
Festival 2015

11-14th of June 2015 in Helsinki, Finland

Oriental Hype Festival desires to lift important values of todays globalized world through dance and art: communality, transcultural interaction, international relations and fresh viewpoints.

At this year's festival we have taken many different needs in to consideration. Different kind of workshops will offer possibility to experience wide range of possibilities in dance. The unique evening shows are well considered and offers interesting and emotional journey to viewers.

We also want to create a safe environment where participants can share ideas, ask questions and affect their own dance hobby or profession. Through dance we can have deep interaction with each other.

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Illan Riviere FRA
Azad Kaan TUR
Saida POL
Ama Keshia FIN
Hanna Mannila FIN
Suvi Tuominen FIN
Mikaela Jokinen FIN
Zahra FIN